CometCloud: Autonomic Framework for Dynamic Federated Cloud Services



Invention Summary:


Emerging applications, from big science to the Internet of Things, increasingly involve dynamic and data driven end-to-end workflows with very large heterogeneous requirements. Such applications require dynamic and flexible platforms that combine resources across systems and data centers, e.g., to extend capacity and/or capabilities, or to integrate data stores when moving data is not an option.


The CometCloud software from the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) enables such end-to-end application workflows.  CometCloud enables flexible software-defined synthesis of custom cyberinfrastructure through the autonomic on-demand federation of geographically distributed compute and data resources.




CometCloud provides a virtual computational cloud infrastructure that integrates local computational environments and public cloud services on-demand.  It provides abstractions and mechanisms to support a range of programming paradigms, abstractions, and underlyingmechanisms and services.


Market Applications:


CometCloud can be used in environments such as corporate, medical, pharma, education, and research environments to solve problems across diverse application domains such as business intelligence, financial analytics, oil reservoir simulations, medical informatics, document management, etc.



  • Enables policy-based autonomic cloud-bridging and cloud-bursting:


  • Cloud-bridging: on-the-fly integration of local computational environments (data-centers, clusters) and private/public cloud services.


  • Cloud-bursting: dynamic application scale-out to address dynamic workloads, spikes in demands, and other extreme requirements.


  • Uses cloud abstractions to expose dynamic, heterogeneous and geographically distributed resources as a pool of elastic services.


  • Incorporates autonomic computing mechanisms to enable the execution of workflows under quality of service guarantees.


Intellectual Property & Development Status: Patent Pending. Available through license or distribution agreement.


The CometCloud software is available under open source license.


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