Rutgers University Mullica Queen® Cranberries

Invention Summary:

Mullica Queen® is a new and distinct variety of cranberry distinguished in that it is the result of crossing two varieties (Lemunyon and #35), produces significantly higher yields, higher anthocyanin (red pigment) content, higher stolon vigor, and earlier flowering phenology compared to other commercial varieties. Established test plots in NJ y ielded an average of 456 barrels/acre, which compares favorably to the ‘Stevens’ variety, which produced 270 barrels/ acre under the same conditions in the same location. The fruit size was also significantly larger than most standard varieties with an average length of 2.2 cm long by 1.7 cm wide. This larger size is also apparent in the average berry weight, which was 2.2 g. 

Market Applications:

Cranberry Products


Mullica Queen® Cranberries have a unique combination of characteristics which include:

  • Has exhibited exceptionally high yield potential
  • Exhibits a coarser vine , tendency to produce multiple flower buds, higher fruit set
  • Slightly higher fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • More rapid establishment and vigorous growth
  • Mullica Queen® is an earlier flowering variety, three to five days earlier compared to the variety "Stevens"
  • Unique genetic background, unrelated to the commonly used varieties " Stevens" and "Ben Lear" 

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

U.S. Plant Patent Application Publication No. US 2008/0010710 P1. Product is available for licensing. 

Patent Information:
ID: 2006-129

Nicholi Vorsa
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