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Plant-derived Nutraceutical Compositions containing Phenethylisothiocyanate and their Uses as Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Rat paw edema anti-inflammatory assays demonstrated that treatment with PEITC essential oil (PEO) was as quick and effective as treatment with aspirin.Invention Summary:Rutgers scientists have developed proprietary and unique methods for obtaining high yields of phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), a natural glucosinolate derivative known for its cancer...
Published: 12/8/2021   |   Inventor(s): Ilya Raskin, Moul Dey, David Ribnicky
Keywords(s): Inflammation, Personal Care, Cosmeceuticals, Wound healing
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Agriculture, Technology Classifications > Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences