Blacktop Sealer Composite from Recycled Paint


Invention Summary:

Over 16 million gallons of latex paint are discarded every year into landfills, which is the largest liquid hazardous waste in the United States. Latex paint is difficult to recycle and hazardous to the environment due to its volatile organic compounds.

Researchers at Rutgers have developed a novel method for recycling latex paint that can be used as a high-performance blacktop sealer. The method consists of blending latex paint, carbon black, fiberglass, and crumb rubber with high shear. The paints and other components are liquid blended in large vats with high shear and dispensed.  As a result, the mixture produces a low-cost blacktop sealer that exhibits a low thermal expansion and is crack resistant at low temperatures.

Market Applications:

  • Driveway & Blacktop sealant
  • Road repair


  • Inexpensive method to recycle post-consumer and post-industrial paint into a high-performance blacktop sealer.
  • Has a low thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Crack resistant even at low temperatures.
  • Reduces the harmful impact of latex on the environment.

Intellectual Property & Development Status: Patent pending. Available for licensing and/or research collaboration.

Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Maricely Ramírez-Hernández
Licensing Manager
Rutgers University
Polymers & Composites