Hormone Affirmation Treatment Videos for Young Transgender Patients

Invention Summary:

Rutgers Universities’ Transgender Health Initiative has created a series of educational videos that can be used in the counseling of young transgender patients who are embarking on pharmacologic hormonal management with estrogen or testosterone.


A typical process for educating patients about Hormone Affirmation Therapy involves jargon filled documentation that, while providing a legally and medically complete description of the material, may not successfully speak to a young patient. Such documentation is important in meeting the legal standard of “Informed Consent,” however to a reader they can be overly lengthy and confusing.

To help, medical students and attending physicians at Rutgers University have created two videos targeted to young patients to educate them about Hormone Affirmation Treatments. Each of the videos is 5 minutes in length, and easy to understand.  The information, presented in an entertaining and engaging way, captures a young patient’s attention, and provides a novel way to help a patient to understand the effects of treatments.

A Male to Female transition video describes changes that can be expected due to hormone therapy with estrogen; and a Female to Male transition video describes changes that can be expected due to testosterone therapy.


  • The videos provide a positive, easy to understand supplement to more formal documents typically used
  • The videos can be used in many different settings including, education, medical/clinical and online for web or mobile viewing

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Available through license or distribution agreement.


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