New Cell Therapy Device for Isolating Cells and Exosomes

GMP-grade closed-system clinical cell therapy device for isolation and delivery of cells and exosomes.

Invention Summary:

Regenerative medicine research has become an important field of study due to the ability of regenerating cells to restore a wide variety of cell types. Regenerating cells can be isolated from multiple sources and can be used in a variety of applications such as cell therapy, in vitro disease modeling, genome editing, immunotherapy, and drug screening.  The identification and isolation of regenerating cells and their derived exosomes are challenging, due to their rarity within tissue sites and the difficulty in identifying unique molecular markers that can be used for selection of this cellular population and isolation procedures for exosomes. There is a need for an effective device to isolate regenerating cells and their cell-derived exosomes to support the fast- growing areas of regenerative medicine research and development, and downstream applications of cell therapies.

Rutgers scientists have developed a new closed-system device that can be used to isolate regenerating cells and their exosomes from different sources including the bone marrow, cord blood, and adipose tissues. The system consists of a set of sterile, single-use disposable bags and attachments connected to a microprocessor-controlled instrument. The 3-D optimized matrices and specific gas exchange conditions within the device facilitate the isolation of regenerating cells and their exosomes, which can be employed for regenerative medicine strategies and in other cell therapy applications.


  • Highly effective at isolating bone marrow-derived regenerating cells and exosomes
  • Cost-effective, GMP-compliant device
  • Can be used for isolation and delivery of cells
  • Can be used for a variety of downstream regenerative medicine applications

Market Applications:

  • Cell isolation kit
  • Cell and exosome harvesting for various downstream regenerative medicine and cell therapy applications

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Multiple issued patents. Available for licensing and/or research collaboration.

Patent Information:
ID: S09-33

Hatem Sabaawy
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Shemaila Sultana
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Stem Cells