Scarlet Sunrise Bi-Color Grape Tomato


Invention Summary:

Scarlet Sunrise bi-color grape tomato is a new and unique variety of grape tomato, which was created through traditional plant breeding. The variety has attractive grape-pear shaped bi-color (red and yellow) fruit which are firm, crack-resistant, flavorful, with good shelf life and expected good shipping qualities. The plants are vigorous, high yielding and indeterminate.

After many years of development, field trials, laboratory analyses, and taste tests, the Scarlet Sunrise grape tomato has shown performing exceptionally well in multiple categories:

  • High fruit yield and indeterminate type for prolonged fruit harvest
  • Vigorous vines
  • Grape-like fruits from populations segregating for grape vs. cherry types
  • Firm fruits
  • Resistance to cracking under high field moisture conditions
  • Bicolor red/yellow blush fruit exterior, resembling the ‘Isis Candy’ parent
  • High levels of fruit reducing sugars (obrix) and organic acids (titratable acidity)
  • High level of consumer preference for flavor, texture, and appearance.


  • Unique with regard to the grape-pear shaped bi-color fruit
  • Firm, crack-resistant, flavorful fruit with good shelf life
  • Vigorous, indeterminate plant with high fruit yields over a protracted harvest window.

Market Applications:

  • A novel home garden variety
  • A specialty variety for commercial farmers.

Intellectual Property & Development Status: Plant Variety Certificate of Protection is pending. Available for licensing.

Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Deborah Perez
Associate Director, Physical Sciences & Ag
Rutgers University